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Writing in my brain: Beautiful flowing sentences full of powerful phrases and enigmatically witty dialogue. 

Writing on the page: They did the thing and said some stuff. There was snark. 


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do you ever catch yourself thinking of something so weird and fucked up that you have to stop mid-thought and your face is


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Filed under my face when I woke up this morning Had the strangest dream in a long while Ao oni zombie apocalypse And I don't mean as in a crossover I mean as in that the onis spread around like a goddamn plague And they were unkillable I woke up when I was staring at a little kids eye fuckin weird

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I don’t really understand how “social justice” became an insulting term. 

"Oh my GOD, you’re attempting to address the inequalities you experience personally and are shedding light on the struggles of others?! WOW FUCK YOU." 

you do tho. you know its a silencing tactic used to keep oppressive hierarchies in place. taboos and discomfort surrounding social critiques are not individual, they are enforced strategies of supremacy.

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imagine if you had a little dragon guardian who would sit on your shoulder and guard you so if somebody was mean to you it would just breathe fire at the mean persons face and lit their hair on fire or something

and once in a while it would just nuzzle your face because it loves being your guardian and it loves you

this makes me so happy omg

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